Recognizing early enough in the sales cycle when the battle is lost…

I was listening to this TAS group webinar the other day:

“Selling Predictions 2011

We’ve made the recorded event available to you in our Webinar Archive alongside other previous events in The TAS Group Webinar series. We’ve also made the slides available for download.”

and the following artefacts stroke me. Even though most surveyed participants said during the webinar that they experienced longer sales cycles in 2010, the hard data showed that:

  1. Closing the deal was actually shorter by 23% than in the prior year
  2. Losing it on the other hand took 50% more time.

Should we see a sign in there that “Refuse to lose” initiatives did not reap the expected benefits? Furthermore is this an indication that we are investing too much sales resources too late in the sales cycle? If we do not get it right from the very beginning, the hard and painful reality is that we cannot win the race when we started last…


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