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Strategy under uncertainty – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Strategic Thinking

Strategy under uncertainty – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Strategic Thinking.

This “must read” article was first published in June 2000 by McKinsey. However, it has never been so timely to give a second look at it. By reading it, you will discover:

  • The 4 levels of uncertainty:
  1. A clear enough future
  2. Alternative futures
  3. A range of futures
  4. True ambiguity
  • The 3 Possible strategic postures to respond to the 4 levels of uncertainty:
  1. Adapting
  2. Shaping
  3. Reserving the right to play
  • and finally the 3 possible strategic actions:
  1. Big bets (used by Shapers)
  2. Options (used by companies reserving their right to play)
  3. No-regret moves (will pay off, no matter what)

Daniel Kahneman on behavioral economics – McKinsey Quarterly – Organization – Strategic Organization

Daniel Kahneman on behavioral economics – McKinsey Quarterly – Organization – Strategic Organization.

Here is a great 17min-long video interview during which you will learn:

  • To run a pre-mortem analysis to strengthen your company (or team or project) decision making processes
  • What Anchoring is and why it is important to know that it exists
  • That people love to discuss at length about what they are in violent agreement on already 😀

Have GM skills become irrelevant in the 21st century?

Lynda Gratton: Everyone needs three posses | Management Innovation eXchange.

Here is a thought provoking video interview of London Business School Professor, Lynda Gratton, in which she argues that GM skills are too superficial to remain relevant in today’s economy. Instead, people should focus on building Mastery, yes Mastery, in something that will make them unique. They should also actively build and maintain an active network of People, they can truly rely on, not an endless contact list they have nothing to do with. Finally, they should focus on the quality of their experiences rather than the quantity of their consumptions…

Waouh, these are bold provocative statements,  provocative enough anyway to make me buy her book and read more…

2011 World competitiveness presentation at OWP 2011 by Professor Stephane Garelli

Economy is often believed to be a boring topic to teach or to present. In OWP2011 (Yearly Orchestrating Winning Performance event by Lauzanne School of Management IMD), IMD Professor of Economy, Stephane Garelli is making a brilliant demonstration to an enthusiastic crowd that Economy can also be fun even if the challenges ahead of us are immense.

The session has been cut into 4 individual segments all available on YouTube.

If you would like to take one step back from your daily work and understand the macroeconomic trends that will shape the world of tomorrow, then this presentation is for you.  Enjoy!

Effectuation Part 1 by IMD Professor Stuart Read

Gary Hamel is reinventing Management. Stuart Read, Professor @ IMD, is reinventing entrepreneurship with a lot of humour, energy and enthusiasm !

I’m not a marketing fan but I would not mind taking a marketing lesson if Stuart was the professor !

Enjoy !

Capitalism for the Long Term – Harvard Business Review

Capitalism for the Long Term – Harvard Business Review.

Is there an oxymoron right in the title or has the capital market slowly diverted the attention of the capitalistic system from long term value to quarterly earnings?If you are interested in the answers to such questions and what we shall do about it, this HBR article is for you !

Macroeconomy: Quantitative Easing 2 by IMD Professor Arturo Bris

Interestingly enough, most MBA students I have met were primarily interested in Marketing careers. Was this an indication that the other disciplines were boring or at least less interesting?

Well, watching IMD professor Arturo Bris teaching Macro-economy to his students in this 22min video, I cannot really say I found it boring. It would rather be the other way around, I found it funny, engaging and thought provoking.

From here to a 100% free online MBA program that is always on, just a few clicks away, with rich content that you can access whenever you are available and without leaving your home or office, there is just one step.

How big that step is? That is the question…