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I wanted to do it but did not know how to get started?!?!

I was chewing the idea for quite some time but did not know where to start. Web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, that all sounds great. But what’s in it for me as a worker in the knowledge economy?
I should be blogging… fine, but what do I blog about?
I should be tweeting… even better but what do I tweet about?
What does it mean to build my own presence on the internet?
And I met my marketing colleague and friend, Stefano Burbui, who was able to explain to me in a couple of hours what this was all about. He explained to me the What, the How and the Why with simple words and examples so that today it looks like I’m finally ready to kick it off.
So my first post will be for the one, who made all this possible.
Stefano, it’s all yours, thank you for showing me the way, I will try to make great use of it!