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From eGovernment to GaaS

We see them all over the place these days: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS),¬† Everything as a Service but GaaS, this was the first time I saw it in a paper and while reading it, it really started to make sense. GaaS or Government as a Service is the public sector implementation of “big data” on one side and “Everything as a Service” on the other side or IT innovation at the service of Citizens of all nations. This is a very ambitious and impressive public sector project where emerging countries like Kenya and Georgia are showing the way.

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Innovation in government: Kenya and Georgia – McKinsey Quarterly – Public Sector – Management.

Is your company designed for the Facebook generation?

Interesting question indeed which Tim O’Reilly, the book editor, tries to answer in this 6min long youtube video:

Web 2.0 is not only reshaping the way we live, it is also reshaping the way we work. If employee loyalty and engagement is truly a priority beyond the talk, then managers should worry about adapting their company practices to changing generations. Food for thought…

Business schools adopt web 2.0 to expand their global reach

I have been following for quite a few years what was going on @ IMD, which is the first European business school and one of the majors WW. It is interesting to see that they are also adopting web 2.0 as a mean to reach and attract a global audience. Their economy professor for instance, Arturo Bris, is posting on a regular basis what he calls¬† “World reviews in 3min“.

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