Because life is a journey and learning is our every day companion. We can learn at work, at home. We can learn by talking to our colleagues, friends and family. Opportunities to learn abound, they are just all over the place. We grab some, leave others, forget a lot. I was missing a place to share what I learnt… a place for myself like a diary but also a place so that others can benefit from my own learnings, possibly avoid my own mistakes and take my learning journey even further.

I became conscious of being on a learning journey when I entered hp as a training professional, who quickly understood that there was a fundamental difference between learning and training. Learning is a goal, training is a mean. By the time I had understood that, I shifted my focus completely from delivering training to enabling learning.

This blog is just the continuation of a personal journey started 11 years ago. I plan to use it to capture my own learning experiences as I get older and hopefully wiser… but this remains to be proven. Wait and see, time will tell.

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